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Ravens pick Orlando Brown and Mark Andrews! Instant reaction roundtable

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With the 83rd and 86th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens have selected Orlando Brown and Mark Andrews. Baltimore Beatdown staff’s instant reactions:

Zeus Jr. is a plug and play tackle that will immediately upgrade the all important offensive line. Brown might not have impressive testing measurables but his raw size and length will surely play at the next level. Andrews is a polarizing pass catcher that should become a security blanket for Lamar Jackson in the near future. A vertical receiver may have been a better option, but if Ozzie Newsome covets Andrews we should all respect the Hall of Fame tight end’s opinion. Overall the Ravens are having a fantastic draft and are now poised to contend for the AFC North crown. - Vasilis Lericos

Ozzie Newsome continus to crush his final draft. The Ravens go back to back Sooners with Orlando Brown Jr. and Mark Andrews. With Brown the Ravens now have a fantastic duo at the tackle position that will last for years to come. Brown was considered a first round talent until the Combine, but his tape is strong, he is a great value pick.

The Andrews pick may raise some eyebrows after the Ravens took Hayden Hurst in the first, but his selection signifies how the team feels abut the position and offense as a whole. This is a complete revamp, the Ravens can now run two tight end sets with dynamic pass catchers Hurst and Andrews. Baltimore picked a pair of Week 1 starters in the third round, and added picks by trading down in the process. - Matt Cohen

I absolutely love the selection of Orlando Brown, he was slotted as a first rounder before the combine. Newsome made an insane value pick here. He should be an instant starter at right tackle, which was arguably the Ravens biggest need. Andrews gives the team two top four tight ends, which could boost the passing game immensely. Ozzie Newsome is having a glorious final draft. - Dustin Cox

Now I am starting to see Newsome’s vision of Baltimore’s offense. Hurst and Andrews are electric receiving tight ends, Lamar Jackson is an explosive quarterback and Orlando Brown is a menacing right tackle like his father. This draft is shaking out to be a strong one for the Ravens, - Kyle J. Andrews