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‘Inside the Draft Room’ reveals Ravens’ desperate need for tight end; Hurst promises Ozzie got the pick right

NCAA Football: Arkansas at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

For those that have not already watched and experienced every Ravens twitter account submission, I’d like to present you with the exciting selection of TE Hayden Hurst and QB Lamar Jackson:

The quotes and exchanges in this video scream it all.

Hayden Hurst: “You got it right. I promise you.”

Ozzie Newsome: “Promise me?”

HH: “Yes sir.”

The best and most revealing moment is certainly with head coach John Harbaugh on the phone with Hayden. It’s not often the Ravens give away information, but the comment made by Harbaugh really shows fans weren’t the only ones knowing tight end was a big, gaping hole on the roster.

“We have a spot for you in the offense, it’s wide open,” Harbaugh begins. “You’re going to get in there with the other two guys and just be great, man. We’re going to take that position and turn it into the best position in the league with you. You’re a perfect fit for us.”

The video also includes Balitmore’s pick of QB Lamar Jackson, a video with another nugget from John Harbaugh.

“Congratulations my man,” Harbaugh says. “We talked about this two weeks ago, you and me had this conversation, did we not? I’m so happy for you and I’m so happy for us. You and I are going to talk tomorrow — sit down and have a long talk tomorrow of you being great.”

As the phone is handed to OC Marty Mornhinweg, the screen cuts to Newsome and Ravens’ owner Steve Bisciotti, who doesn’t have his pokerface on. He’s clearly thrilled about acquiring the new quarterback.

Lamar’s comments, and Deion Sanders’ comments really hammer home the end of the first round.

Lamar Jackson: “I’m a Raven. I’m happy to be a Raven!”

Deion Sanders: “What are they getting?”

LJ: “Everything out of me. They’re going to get a Super Bowl out of me. Believe that. Believe that.”

DS: “Ozzie, man. I love you, man. Ozzie, you know, I love you. Appreciate you.”

Ravens fans, we’re on the cusp of a new era. One with offense and excitement. But it won’t be without the tenacity we fans know and love. On defense, there’s is still a violence about this squad, but the offense is shifting to a pedigree of grit. Especially after Hayden’s most recent Instagram post, detailing who he is.

“They’re going to get a warrior.”