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Ravens pick QB Lamar Jackson! Instant reaction roundtable

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While I toiled away on Facebook live to talk about the Ravens’ selection of TE Hayden Hurst, I had notifications overflowing my screen.

*Ravens traded up! 32! Lamar Jackson?

Sure enough, the Louisville quarterback is now a Baltimore Raven!

Jacob Louque: The plan for the future is officially set into motion. Lamar comes in after a long drop in the first round and a big chip on his shoulder. He doesn’t have to play right away which is advantageous for a guy who needs a little development time, and puts the pressure on Joe Flacco to perform a-la Alex Smith last season. If you had told me we’d walk out of the first round with Lamar and Hayden Hurst having given up what we did, I’d definitely sign up for that.

Vasilis Lericos: Man alive, the Ravens are on to something. Stroke of genius to trade up for a special player. Jackson combines a big arm with game breaking scrambling potential. A true difference maker.

Sage Morander: Fans may have entered the draft worried that the Ravens were going to have a quiet night. Instead Baltimore orchestrated three trades in the first round to snag one of the most controversial talents in this entire draft class. With Joe Flacco aging and ailing, Ozzie exits this franchise leaving his mark on the future of the organization. Lamar Jackson is an electric athlete with the kind of ability that could make this draft decision a noteworthy GM move in the years to come. A night that started with a once doubted Heisman trophy winner going number one overall, ends with the Ravens embracing and endorsing another Heisman winner in Jackson.

Evan Mazza: I just don’t get it. Lamar has talent, but is a raw passer that needs to develop. Quarterbacks taken in the first round are playing right away or sometime during the season. If this was the case all along, why are Harbaugh and Flacco still here? Why didn’t the team get a head coach who could cater to a young rookie quarterback like Jackson’s strength? For Ozzie Newsome, he went out with a bang with his final first-round pick, we will see if it pays off.

Kyle P Barber: I never stopped questioning Ozzie, but I certainly wasn’t thrilled with waiting to see why he skipped Derwin James and Tremaine Edmunds. I still believe they could have acquired them, but it no longer matters. The Ravens are ready for the future. The situation in Baltimore is ideal. Joe Flacco is forced to produce more than mediocrity. RGIII is more than capable of helping the development of Lamar Jackson, and the coaching staff already know how to build around the next man up. I’m thrilled with the move.