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Cohen’s Corner Part 2: Ravens surprise us all, and plan for the future

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Just as I unplugged my laptop, I saw the Ravens logo flip up on the Ravens TV screen. They had traded up to the 32nd pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

I had come into this draft wanting Lamar Jackson at the 16th pick. I believed it was time for a change. The Ravens wouldn’t need Jackson to start this year, and they can prepare to build the team around Jackson in the future.

I didn’t think it would actually happen.

When the Ravens logo popped up on the TV screen, I freaked out a little bit. I realized what was happening. The Ravens were about to take Lamar Jackson.

The pick was announced, and I rushed to open a new story on Baltimore Beatdown, and add a sequel to my column for the night.

This is a brilliant pick by the Ravens.

This is a pick no one saw coming, it’s a move the Ravens don’t often make.

But it was an amazing one.

The Ravens need to begin to plan for the future at the quarterback position. Jackson gives the Ravens a dynamic element at the quarterback position they haven’t had. Jackson will change the Ravens franchise, for the better.

The Ravens window is closing, but they now have the young star quarterback they can build around for the future. The Ravens will change their offensive scheme, just as the Texans did with Deshaun Watson. Plus, the Ravens have Robert Griffin III in the QB room, a very similar player to Jackson, to help him transition.

Jackson has incredible running ability, and a rocket arm. He’s drawn comparison to Michael Vick as a result. Jackson is a Heisman trophy winner, and can put up the gaudy stat numbers that will bring excitement to a Ravens offense that hasn’t had it.

The Joe Flacco era in Baltimore isn’t finished just yet though. Flacco will be the Week One starter, the pressure will be on him. The Ravens could light a spark under Flacco, and he may return to his prime form. If he doesn’t the Ravens have a young star ready to step in. The Ravens will take a model similar to what the Chiefs did with Patrick Mahomes. Flacco’s days in Baltimore may be numbered, but he isn’t done just yet.

The Ravens were the team bold enough to take the dynamic, but slim quarterback. In recent years, quarterbacks like Griffin and Watson have shown, in flashes, that mobile college quarterbacks can be successful in the NFL. The Texans changed their scheme to fit Watson, and the Ravens will do the same with Jackson.

The Ravens crushed this pick. Suddenly, the Ravens have infused the organization with an excitement it hasn’t had in years. The Ravens of old are gone.