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The Ravens pick is Hayden Hurst! Instant reaction roundtable

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens just selected Hayden Hurst with the 25th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Baltimore Beatdown staff’s instant reactions:

Ozzie filled a massive need by landing a pass catching tight end and accumulated additional draft capital by trading down. Hurst brings the seam stretching element the offense had been missing, his presence should unlock the passing game underneath and out wide. Great pick all the way around- Vasilis Lericos

Tight end was the Ravens biggest need. The value for Hurst was solid. He is the best overall tight end in the class and will make an immediate impact. Still, it is hard to justify trading out of #16 considering the players available. - Matt Cohen

The Ravens hope to replace their most valuable player of 2017, Ben Watson, with Hurst. Hayden has the size (6’5 250) to succeed at tight end, but he won’t make quite the splash the Ravens bypassed by trading down. - Sage Morander

The decision to pass on Calvin Ridley several times is a little baffling, but Hurst give Joe Flacco a much needed weapon at tight end. Tight end was probably the team’s biggest need and Hurst fills it. He is a well rounded blocker and receiver. Time will tell if Newsome made the right decision by passing on Ridley. - Dustin Cox

Heading into the draft, it was clear the Ravens needed to address the tight end position. Many were speculating they could trade back and still get their guy. They passed on Mike Gesicki, Dallas Goedert and Calvin Ridley to select Hurst, which is rather questionable. Hurst’s production in college was rather underwhelming, as he only secured three touchdown. The Ravens filled their need at tight end, but the question is did they pick the right prospect? - Logan Levy

A lot of people might not like the pick due to the players available before the trade downs, but Ozzie Newsome was not leaving round one without extra draft picks. The Ravens were desperate for a tight end and they landed the best prospect at #25. Hurst is a good receiver and blocker. They just have to hope he pays off after passing on D.J. Moore and Calvin Ridley - Evan Mazza

Though Hayden Hurst may fill an immediate need for Baltimore at tight end, they had an opportunity to draft a wide receiver and will regret the pick if they do not add a playmaking wideout in the upcoming rounds. This pick isn't bad, but the question remains if high upside Dallas Goedert would have been a better choice. - Kyle J. Andrews

The Ravens had to walk out of the draft with a top tier pass catching option and they found it with Hurst near the end of round one. Trading back for a tight end was a likely route and it played out perfectly with them adding possibly the best tight end in the entire draft. - Jacob Louque