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Report: Ravens interested in trading down in Round 1

Is Baltimore looking for more picks on Friday and Saturday?

NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens and many other NFL teams will make their first draft picks in hopes of landing stars of the future. Players that can help them either become successful or maintain it.

The Ravens hold the 16th pick tonight. Many mock drafts and speculators have Baltimore going in several different directions. We will know soon, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Baltimore will be quite active on the phone. Schefter reported this morning that the Ravens, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, and Detroit Lions are teams looking to trade down in the first-round:

Schefter also continues to say that the belief from head coaches and general managers is that Baker Mayfield will be the first overall pick to the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens potentially trading back is no surprise, especially when you consider this draft class and their desire to collect more picks. Also there are teams such as the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints who may be looking to trade up in this draft. Baltimore would make a solid option for someone to strike a deal with.

The Ravens don’t have a round with multiple picks until the sixth on Saturday, Ozzie Newsome would love to be active come Friday and Saturday night. You have to wonder if the Ravens would still trade down if coveted players such as Mike McGlinchey, Calvin Ridley or Lamar Jackson are still there with the 16th pick. Do the Ravens value those players enough to run to the podium to make the pick instead of trading down to accumulate more capital? We will know Newsome’s plan tonight.