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Mike Mayock mocks QB Lamar Jackson to the Ravens in his only mock draft

Could the Ravens draft their quarterback of the future?

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In his first and only mock draft, NFL Network Analyst Mike Mayock sent Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson to the Ravens with pick 16.

Regarding the selection, Mayock said “I think they’re going to change the entire direction of the franchise. They roll out a bold new era. It’s Lamar Jackson time. The key is you have to commit schematically, philosophically and the whole building has to be in for this to be the right move.”

This is just the latest of many mock drafts sending the former Heisman-winning quarterback to Baltimore. The Ravens’ fan base is seemingly split on Jackson. One side points to the excitement Jackson would bring, arguing that the Joe Flacco era in Baltimore should end, while the other side still believes in Flacco and wants a player who can contribute immediately in the first round.

The Ravens could finally decide to move on from Flacco after this season if they wish to do so. Selecting Jackson could give them their replacement for 2019. Not to mention, Jackson could be a good fit in Baltimore’s west coast offense. He would give the Ravens an extreme dual threat at quarterback and could potentially take the offense to another level. There are major concerns for how Jackson will translate to the NFL, however, so Baltimore would have to do everything they could to make sure he is ready to command the huddle when the time comes.

With the 2018 NFL Draft set to begin tonight, it will soon be revealed what the Ravens plans are for the 2018 season. Will it be to compete and win now, or to secure a future at the cost of the present?