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Online sportsbook doesn’t see the Ravens improving in 2018

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Since Super XLVII, the Baltimore Ravens stand a perfect 40-40 as their record. They enjoyed a great 10-6 season, but followed it up with a 5-11 production.

The past two seasons, though, the Ravens cruise in middling territory, 8-8 and 9-7, respectively.

The first online sportsbook,, released their win-total lines for the 2018 NFL season; unfortunately, they don’t expect the Ravens to do any better or worse than last season.

Baltimore Ravens

Over 8 12 Wins: + 125
Under 8 12 Wins: - 145

The additions of Willie Snead, John Brown and Michael Crabtree is not enough to sway the line further ahead, nor drop them lower.

Looking back on seasons prior, the Ravens consistently hover in the eight-to-nine win region.

  • 2013: 8.5 wins (won 8 games)
  • 2014: 8.5 wins (won 10 games)
  • 2015: 9 wins (won 5 games)
  • 2016: 8 12 wins (won 8 games)
  • 2017: 8 wins (won 9 games)

While these win-total odds are released rather early, I certainly don’t expect the line to change after the NFL draft. The Ravens are always in contention for an eight-win season. Unless the draft brings about a trade for Joe Flacco, expect the Ravens line to stay the same.