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Joe Flacco on working with new receivers, Dez Bryant, drafting a QB and more

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco met with the media on Tuesday, in which he discussed several hot topics.

When asked about his newest receivers, Michael Crabtree and John Brown, Flacco expressed his excitement. He talked about how he plans to meet up with his new targets this offseason. This should come as good news to Flacco’s critics, who often mention his lack of engagement with his receivers in the offseason.

Flacco said his back feels good this offseason as well, and that he has worked very hard to make sure it’s not a concern. Flacco missed training camp and the preseason with a back injury in 2017, resulting in a slow start for the offense. Many have pointed to this as the reason for why Flacco and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin never were on the same page.

When asked about his thoughts on the possibility of Baltimore taking a quarterback early in the draft, Flacco said, “It is what it is. It’s a business. Eventually, at some point, that’s going to have to happen. It’s not really for me to worry about.” Flacco talked about how he has to make sure he’s the best he can be.

While speaking about potentially adding free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant, Flacco compared him to former Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin, citing both of their abilities to make plays even when tightly covered. He said in order to win big games, you must have guys who can make contested catches, like Steve Smith and Boldin.