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Jimmy’s Famous Seafood extends ‘free crabcakes for life’ offer to WR Dez Bryant

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest name in free agency is now Dez Bryant. The Cowboys decided to part ways with the star wide receiver, and now he’s free to sign with whoever he’d like.

The Baltimore Ravens are certainly a team to watch, as many years ago they were lined up to draft Bryant. Unfortunately, the Cowboys traded up and stole him away. But now, there’s an opportunity for Dez to don the purple and black.

The Ravens are a good market for Dez, though the money may not be as high and Baltimore does not play against Dallas this season. They have a Super Bowl winning coach and quarterback, and he won’t be the only option for the offense, freeing him up from double teams on every down.

But most importantly, crabcakes for life.

This offer gained NFL prominence during #MaclinWatch a season ago. Fans were clamoring for Jeremy Maclin to join the Ravens, and Jimmy’s Seafood extended the offer to sweeten the pot. The same offer was extended to Michael Crabtree, and Jimmy’s Seafood even drove to BWI to welcome the wideout to Baltimore.