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Mike Wallace bids farewell to Baltimore and teammates pour into his replies

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Wallace came to Baltimore fresh off his third NFL team in his career. Fans were uncertain whether he still ‘had it’, and the storyline of ‘one-trick pony’ never ceased throughout the offseason. But in Mike Wallace’s two years with the Ravens, he was more than just a nine-route weapon. Wallace was a leader, hard worker, playmaker and a Raven, on and off the field. So today, when the news broke of his plans to sign with the Eagles, and he posted a farewell on Twitter, many teammates replied with their gratitude and appreciation for the wideout.

It’s clear Mike was a beloved figure in the Ravens locker room. For only playing with the team for two years, fans and players alike jumped into his mentions, thanking him and wishing him nothing but the best, as if he’d been a Raven his entire career. No doubt, this one will sting a bit.