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ESPN’s Insiders predict Jarvis Landry will be playing for the Ravens in 2018

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Seven of ESPN’s NFL insiders were asked to predict which team Jarvis Landry would be playing for in 2018. Interestingly enough, the majority of them chose the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens were one of the teams rumored to be interested in Landry before he was slapped with the franchise tag.

Many reports suggested that Miami placed the franchise tag on Landry with the intentions of trading him, instead of just letting him walk via free agency.

Landry could be a perfect target for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Baltimore’s offense struggled to convert third downs through the air in recent years. Landry could help immensely with that. His route running and hands would provide a security blanket for Flacco.

It’s unknown what exactly it will take for the Dolphins to part with Landry, but it will most likely be higher than a third-round pick. Even after trading for him, the Ravens would still have to work out a long-term deal with Landry, since they likely cannot afford to take on the one-year, $16 million contract.

To put things in perspective, Calvin Ridley, the draft’s top wide receiver, will turn 24 this season, while Landry will turn 26. Landry is still in the prime of his career and has proven to be a dangerous weapon at the NFL level, unlike someone like Ridley, who is unknown.