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Instant reactions to the Ravens signing WR Ryan Grant

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens decided to double-dip on wide receivers today. After signing John Brown to a one-year/$5 million deal, they went back-to-back, signing WR Ryan Grant to a four-year/ $29 million deal. What?

“I don’t understand what the hell this contract is about. It would actually make more sense if the Ravens gave Ryan Grant a 4-year deal worth $2.9 million rather than $29 million. Out of four seasons, Grant failed to reach double-digit receptions in two of them.” —walterfootball

“Grant has 84 career receptions for 985 yards and six touchdowns in four seasons.

If the total value of the deal is accurate, that’s $345,238 and change per career reception.

That’s not to say the Ravens can’t use Grant, as their options were limited. But the market for pass-catchers has gone bananas today, with players coming off injury or with middling statistics getting lucrative deals.” — Darin Gantt, ProFootballTalk

“I like the player, not the pricetag. Especially since it means the Ravens probably restructured some contracts to land Grant. Salary cap inflation finally caught up to the Ravens this year. Time to get a big-bodied target in the draft and rebuild.” — Vasilis Lericos, Baltimore Beatdown

“I’m sorry, but what is this deal about? This wide receiver market is bewildering, and Ozzie is shooting from the hip here. This deal screams desperation on the Ravens end. It also worries me, as I don’t know where this cap space is coming from. Get ready for more restructured deals in which the Ravens kick the can down the road.” — Kyle Barber, Baltimore Beatdown

“This is a questionable signing due to the size contract. Grant has flashed over the course of his career, but is he really deserving of such a lucrative contract? He only had one productive season and it was nothing special. In that season, Grant recorded 45 receptions for 573 yards and four touchdowns. In addition, he has never reached 100 yards in a single game during his four-year career in the NFL. General manager Ozzie Newsome discussed during his press-conference at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine about revamping this group. This certainly has not been the rebuild many were hoping for. Lastly, his contract is likely backloaded, due to Baltimore’s current cap situation. This signing does not make too much sense, right now. He does have potential, but this was a clear overpay.” — Logan Levy, Baltimore Beatdown