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Ravens cut RB Danny Woodhead

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off an ACL tear, many Ravens fans were curious as to why Ozzie Newsome signed RB Danny Woodhead to a three-year/$8.8 million deal. But the deal was clearly structured as a one-year/$3.25 million with an option to keep Woodhead for longer. That did not come to fruition, though, as the Baltimore Ravens have parted ways with the 33-year old runningback.

During the 2017-2018 NFL season, Danny Woodhead played in only eight games, starting in zero of them. He is a change-of-pace player, which makes sense for him to not be the starter, but he was injury prone from the beginning and only a single drive into the first regular season game, Woodhead suffered a calf injury.

Danny Woodhead stats:

8 Games | 14 carries | 56 yards | 0 TD | 39 Targets | 33 receptions | 200 yards | 0 Rec. TD

This signing was questionable from the start. Most fans didn’t enjoy the idea of signing an older runningback coming off an ACL tear. final stat totals demonstrate the fans were right in not liking this deal. For $3.25 million, the Ravens didn’t receive nearly enough in return.

Overall, this is a good move for the Ravens. This saves the Ravens $1.75 million in cap space. Not a large amount of breathing room, but enough to help the cause.