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Ravens News 3/10: Trades Galore

Ravens News for 3/10

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Report: Browns trade third-round pick to Bills for former Raven QB Tyrod Taylor — Baltimore Beatdown

The Browns, again, are slowly rebuilding their offense one piece at a time. This time, they acquire former Ravens quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Baltimore drafted Taylor in the sixth-round of the 2011 draft. He never saw much of the field during his time with the Ravens due to the durability of starting quarterback Joe Flacco.

Writer Note: The Browns now have a better QB than the Ravens (just kidding.... kind of...).

Ravens were the only other serious suitor for Jarvis Landry — Pro Football Talk

Per a source with knowledge of the thinking, the Baltimore Ravens were the other other serious suitor for receiver Jarvis Landry, who was traded by the Dolphins on Friday (officially, next Wednesday) to the Browns.

Writer Note: Trading for Landry would've been silly. Maybe the Browns saved the Ravens from themselves.

Mike Evans agrees to five-year, $82.5M deal with Bucs -

The deal makes him the NFL’s second highest-paid wide receiver after Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown($17M per year average). The potential $82.5 million payout is the highest agreed upon figure for a wide receiver in league history, per NFL Research.

Writer Note: Landry will view Evans’ deal as a benchmark, but the glorified running back is not worth that type of money.