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Report: Marlon Humphrey's hearing set for March 1st

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Marlon Humphrey is entering his sophomore season in the NFL after a strong rookie year for the Baltimore Ravens. However, Humphrey is currently in trouble after he was arrested for third-degree robbery in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Humphrey allegedly stole a $15 phone charger from an Uber driver. The Ravens cornerback asked to borrow the charger, but when the driver asked for it back, he allegedly elbowed the driver and took off.

Now, Humphrey's court date is set to hear this case out. Per ESPN's Jamison Hensley, Humphrey is scheduled to appear in court for the hearing on March 1st.

As Hensley says in the Tweet, the judge will hear the evidence and decide to either continue the case or not. Humphrey's lawyer Paul Patterson believes the case will be dismissed. A lot of stories came out of what actually happened in that car, so they will hopefully get to the bottom of it.

After the case is over, whether Humphrey is guilty or not, the NFL will of course have to make a decision on the matter.