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Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey receives a phone charger in the mail

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Marlon Humphrey is coming off of a solid rookie season. However, his offseason did not get off to a great start. A few weeks ago, Humphrey was arrested in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for allegedly stealing a phone charger from an Uber driver. Humphrey is charged with third-degree robbery in the case.

In the report that was filed, Humphrey asked to borrow the charger in which the driver obliged. However, an altercation spilled out between Humphrey and the driver. Humphrey allegedly elbowed the driver after refusing to give it back. With the case still ongoing, a fan sent this interesting gift to Humphrey on Friday.

Not everyday you get a phone charger in the mail from a random fan. As far as the case goes, Humphrey's lawyer Paul Patterson believes it will ultimately be dismissed. After the case concludes, the next step will be the actions of the NFL.