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Alan Faneca’s Hall of Fame snub dims possibility of Marshal Yanda ever receiving the honor

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Alan Faneca was a terror in the NFL. Unfortunately for the Ravens, he was also in the division donning the black & gold, meaning twice a year for ten seasons, the Ravens were forced to collide head-on with the eight-time All-Pro.

It’s not often you find a guard in the NFL who not only produces at the national level, but receives the hardware to prove it. Just look at Marshal Yanda’s performance since 2007 and you’ll realize he’s missing more awards than most at his performance level.

Alan Faneca:

6X First-Team All-Pro
2X Second-Team All Pro
Super Bowl XL champion

Marshal Yanda:

2X First-Team All-Pro
3X Second-Team All-Pro
Super Bowl XLVII champion

Faneca has received finalist nomination in all three of his first eligible years to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, he has yet to receive the call.

This is to demonstrate the difficulty level of receiving Hall of Fame honors as a lineman, specifically at the guard position. There have only been 12 Guards elected to the Hall of Fame in total, while other positions flourish or have more on the way.

If Faneca struggles to receive the honors of a Canton bust, Marshal Yanda may never be in the conversation for Hall of Fame honors, though his play in the NFL has been one of the greatest. Season after season, Yanda is the best guard in the NFL, but a lack of popularity, combined with a smaller market has kept him from the honors needed to receive eternal remembrance. Hopefully, Faneca is in the Hall soon. Not only for our personal reasons, but he’s certainly deserving of the honors. Meanwhile, let’s hope Yanda stays in a Ravens jersey for a long time, continuing his incredible career.