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Joe Flacco’s contract halts any ‘quarterback controversy’

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Recently, I read an article pertaining to the Ravens, as they could be a landing spot for free agent quarterback, Sam Bradford.

This is the part where most Ravens fans already know this isn’t going to happen. For multiple reasons, obviously, but even most NFL fans know, in some fashion, Joe Flacco’s contract will not allow this.

First, this isn’t the cliché, “Joe has an outrageous contract!!!” piece. This is just the counter to the recent article from NFL.coms’ Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah, Best team fits for top QBs available in 2018 NFL offseason.

The biggest proponent as to why this won’t occur is due to Joe Flacco’s contract not allowing this to become reality. Plain and simple. For the 2018 season, Joe’s cap hit is $24.75 million. If the Ravens were to cut Joe Flacco, though, he’d cost them an extra $4 million, totaling $28.75 for not having Joe on the roster. Even if the Ravens wanted to get rid of him, which they don’t, Bisciotti must fork over an extra $4 million to essentially fire him. No chance.

Now, say I’m wrong. Somehow, someway, the Baltimore Ravens acquire Sam Bradford. He signs a veteran minimum deal, worth $915,000, with zero incentives, zero qualifiers and no bonus. This means the Ravens are spending nearly one million dollars of their estimated $7- $9 million cap space on a second quarterback. The total amount combined between Joe & Sam equals $25,665,000. Baltimore is spending nearly $30 million on two quarterbacks, with one of them being 96% of the total amount.

Does anybody believe this franchise is willing to bench their incumbent Super Bowl MVP, who’s contract is eating 14% of the cap, for a guy earning less than a million dollars? Anybody under the impression that both Sam Bradford and Joe Flacco would be on an even playing field? Not a chance.

Once more, I don’t see the Ravens taking a shot on an injury-riddled quarterback. Joe’s been an iron-man, outside of the ACL tear due to a lackluster offensive line and a terrifying Rams front seven. Under no circumstance do the Ravens want to give a shot to somebody who’s suffered multiple ACL tears and multiple shoulder injuries. Please, look at the list of injuries Sam Bradford’s suffered.

The Ravens may draft somebody for the future, but as for the present, Joe Flacco is here to stay.