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Matt Miller’s take on the Ravens offseason

The NFL draft scout stops by

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are in need of a good offseason after missing the playoffs the last three years, and the work towards that will begin with the scouting combine in Indianapolis. Someone who will be very in tune to that event is Matt Miller, who covers the draft for Bleacher Report.

Matt is pretty well connected with the league and a lot of the teams. In fact, he predicted the Marlon Humphrey draft pick right before it happened based on something he had heard months before.

Anyone who could’ve seen that coming in the moment clearly knows what he’s talking about, so we decided to reach out to Matt to get his take on the Ravens and their plans moving forward:

The Ravens pretty much always have a need at receiver, and maybe never more so than right now. Jarvis Landry and Calvin Ridley top seemingly everyone’s wish list. Do you see either of them as a fit, and if the team misses out, what are some possible backup plans?

Matt: I view the wide receiver corps as wide open for a rebuild. Either Landry or Ridley-or both-would be a good fit. I don’t see any existing player the team can build around. That makes those additions possible and massive upgrades. Some backup plans could include DJ Moore, Jordan Lasley, or even Courtland Sutton (not in round one).

The team basically went all in on defense last offseason and while it worked to a degree, they weren’t exactly dominant. Is there another level they can reach, and if so, how?

Matt: When I watch the Ravens now I notice a lack of pass rush. Obviously they went all in on that through the draft last year but if the value is right I’d keep an open mind to improving the DE and OLB spots. Some of the other issues can be improved through more chemistry with what’s there and some of those guys either developing or staying healthy.

Joe Flacco has had a down couple of seasons. Are there any guys you could see the team target to push him in the coming years, in this draft in particular?

Matt: I would love to see Kyle Lauletta here. Unfortunately, I think his stock might be rising above where they want to draft a quarterback. Mike White would intrigue me on day three. I like his arm and athleticism as a developmental guy.

On your gut instinct, who does Ozzie Newsome pick in the first round for the last time in his career? You were spot on with the Humphrey pick last year, so no pressure.

Matt: I was told last year that it was known at Alabama that if Marlon declared, Ozzie would draft him. So far this season it’s been more quiet. That said, it wouldn’t shock me if Ridley were the pick given his Bama roots.


Thanks again to Matt for the insight. If you liked what he had to say be sure to follow him on Twitter @nfldraftscout and to listen to his podcast, “Stick to Football.”