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Bisciotti wants changes in the Ravens scouting department

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Perhaps the most enlightening part of the 2018 ‘State of the Ravens’ press conference with team owner Steve Bisciotti was his admission that he desires two significant changes in the scouting department. First, he wants to replace senior scouts that have left for other organizations with more experienced evaluators. And secondly, he wants the Ravens to stop overanalyzing the top collegiate prospects when they build their draft board.

The loss of several valued members of the scouting staff has been a trending topic recently, as the Philadelphia Eagles have earned a Super Bowl appearance with the assistance of multiple former Ravens evaluators. Jeff Zrebiec named the departures:

Worth noting, Douglas left the Ravens organization in 2015, Weidl in 2016, Cunningham and McCreight last summer. Bisciotti expressed his desire to bring in savvy evaluators this offseason, presumably from other teams, indicating the young scouts who took their places have not been up to par.

The candid owner went on to lay out a theory that some of the Ravens misses in the early rounds of recent drafts have been due to having too many voices involved in making the decisions. It is unclear if Bisciotti was referencing the coaching staff or if the over analyzation involves off the field concerns. Regardless, Bisciotti wants the Ravens most trusted personnel men making these crucial draft picks without overthinking the selections.

These two objectives, combined with the news that a plan was hatched four years ago for Eric DeCosta to take over control of the roster from longtime general manager Ozzie Newsome in 2019, should give those frustrated with continuity a reason to be optimistic.