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AFC North Champs! Get your, “Got the Belt” t-shirt!

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AFC North Champs 2018 BreakingT

For the fifth time in Baltimore Ravens history, Charm City has won the AFC North division title. It’s only fitting to create the freshest t-shirt after witnessing head coach John Harbaugh hoist the championship belt above his head in the locker room.

While we can’t get you a replica of the belt, we can supply you with a brand new and unique t-shirt from BreakingT to wear in front of all your friends and family.

Link: Got the Belt

So head on over to BreakingT and cop a new shirt for only $25! Purchase more than $50 worth of BreakingT merch and receive free shipping! In fact, there is a second Baltimore shirt on the market right now. There’s also a 19% off site-wide discount for the New Year with the promo code: WELCOME2019!

Link: Our Team

Don’t miss out on a brand new shirt! Support the site and sport your team with a brand new Got the Belt t-shirt from BreakingT!