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Ravens vs. Browns: Open thread

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Ravens can win the AFC North division title with a win today. No longer do they need the Steelers to lose or a specific set of circumstances to occur in order for them to make the post-season. Today, right now, they control their own destiny.

If the Ravens win against Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns, they can win their fifth division title in franchise history and eclipse 200 regular season wins in their 23-year history.

This win won’t be easy. The Browns are on a roll right now and only a win away from their first winning season in over a decade.

It’s been a thrilling ride, looking back at Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills. The Ravens smashed their opponent so badly it looked like another preseason game. But they fell—hard— and it looked like they weren’t getting back up. Then, Joe Flacco suffered an injury and the first-round rookie out of Louisville and an undrafted free agent from Rutgers put the offense on their shoulders and carried them to a 5-1 record, now standing at 9-6. One victory away from the division title.

Playoff scenarios

Win the AFC North

  • Ravens win OR
  • Steelers loss/tie

With the Houston Texans and New England Patriots both winning in Week 17, the Ravens can only clinch the fourth seed in the AFC. Barring a Chiefs loss, Baltimore would host the Los Angeles Chargers in the wild-card round.


  • Ravens tie + Steelers win + Titans-Colts tie

This is the only scenario in which the Ravens can still make the playoffs without winning the division. Baltimore would win the three-way tiebreaker with the Titans and Colts at 9-6-1 while the Steelers would win the AFC North at 9-6-1 due to divisional record (4-1-1 to 2-3-1).

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