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Ravens vs. Browns Week 17 TV Map

After the flex from 1:00 p.m. ET to 4:25 p.m., some became worried if the broadcast was still in their area. Hopefully this map, courtesy of, can help.

Note: Coverage areas are subject to change. This map is from For all their NFL coverage maps, click here

The biggest winners of this switch are Ravens fans living in Seattle. The original broadcast was the Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs matchup. After the flex, the broadcast became the Ravens—Browns game.

Also, Rochester, New York, and Columbus, Ohio, switched to the Ravens game. Hope the flock is all over the country and excited about this news.

Also, for those who didn’t know or notice, the broadcast duo is Jim Nantz and Tony Romo! There’s nothing like Romo talking Ravens football; whether he’s calling the play before it happens or commentating a cat sprinting across M&T Bank Stadium’s field.

Week 17 NFL Games airing nationally or in Maryland