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Terrell Suggs surpasses Ray Lewis for most games played in Ravens history

Suggs selected tenth overall Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

One legend overtakes another. With the first snap on defense, Terrell Suggs surpasses Ray Lewis for the most games played in a Baltimore Ravens jersey.

From Suggs’ first day with the Ravens so many years ago, he was a Raven. After a contract dispute kept him from participating in the first two days of training camp, he joined in on day three. Ray wasn’t pleased with his tardiness, though, and welcomed him to the flock in spectacular fashion.

“I was sitting back doing an interview on my first day, and I got a pie in the face,” Suggs said (according to “It was Ray Lewis, and all he said was, ‘Get to camp on time.’ I just took it. What can you do? It was Ray Lewis!”

While he missed two training camp practices, he made up for it in his rookie season with 12.0 sacks, five forced fumbles, and interception and taking home the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Now, ‘Hacksaw’ passes the pie-throwing G.O.A.T. for the longest career in the purple and black.

On top of being the record-holder for most games in a Ravens’ uniform, Terrell also lands at sixth-most games played by a linebacker in NFL history.

While he now holds the Ravens record, it may be extended past 2018. Suggs was asked if this is his final season on Wednesday.

“I don’t feel that itch,” Suggs said (according to Jamison Hensley). “Aint’ no hair standing up on the back of my neck right there.”

With 24 solo tackles, seven sacks, six pass deflections and a 43-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown in season 16, I don’t believe a single person could blame the man for continuing his fabled career.