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Ravens vs. Falcons final: MVP, stock-up & stock-down

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It was yet another exciting Baltimore Ravens game here as Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III and Sam Koch passed and ran this game into a victory.

MVP: Justin Tucker

We often forget just how incredible this man is. Without question, Tucker is the best to ever do it. It’s here. We’re witnessing it. At one point, the game was Justin Tucker: 12, Atlanta Falcons 10. He was an incredible part of this victory today.

Stock up:

Marlon Humphrey — CB1. In the Battles of Alabama, Humphrey beat both Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones with pass breakups. He’s the future star of this defense. After the PBUs, his roars into the sky could’ve fueled a doused fire into an inferno.

Sam Koch — Specialists getting it done today as Koch pinned one inside the 20 and completed a 21-yard pass to Chris Moore for a completion. Though the series didn’t end their way, his spiral was still tight and on target.

Mark Andrews — I was confident he’d be great for the team, but I figured he’d be second-fiddle to Hayden Hurst. Every game, he proves he is more than capable of being the big-time receiving threat many teams wish for at tight end.

Ty Montgomery — A great trade deadline signing for Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens. He finished with 13 yards on the ground and another 42 in receiving yards on five catches. He’s great in pass protection and has usurped Javorius Allen for the spell-back role.

Kenneth Dixon — After being activated this week, he’s showing he’s still desperate to keep his job here in Baltimore. On eight carries, Dixon rumbled for 37 yards. Problem is, Gus Edwards Jr. is rocking and rolling and he didn’t fumble the football like Dixon did today.

Terrell Suggs — How is he still doing this? I don’t get it. He’s a Hall of Fame talent and it’s exciting to see him contribute at this stage of his career.

Patrick Onwuasor — Nothing like creating a takeaway that turns into a defensive touchdown. His hold at starting linebacker ebs and flows with Kenny Young, but he’s done a great job this season.

Tavon Young — What a way to come back after injury, scoring a fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Robert Griffin III — Comes into a game for the first time in two years and leads a drive for a field goal. That’s exactly how you need your backup QB to perform.

Stock down:

Buck Allen — At this point, I don’t see where he fits into the scheme. He’s a good back, no question, but every role he could perform has been filled by somebody younger or better. We’ll see how this develops in the final weeks of the season but for now, it’s the Gus Edwards Jr. show featuring Ty Montgomery.

John Brown — His chemistry was dynamic with Joe Flacco. The early scores and attention he drew caused difficult matchups for defenses. Now, though, he can’t get on the same page with Jackson. On four targets, Brown didn’t make a single catch. This isn’t on Brown, however, it’s been bad passes by Jackson which fall incomplete.