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Fans’ confidence in the Baltimore Ravens in freefall after three-game collapse

The last-second loss to the New Orleans Saints left fans heart-broken. Understandably so, they were moments from tying the best team in the NFL on the road. Maybe they win the game in overtime, maybe they lose, but it never came to fruition as Justin Tucker missed his first PAT since high school. After the loss, confidence in the team lowered to just under 75%. Then, the Carolina Panthers game rocked the franchise and with it, the fans.

Cam Newton and the Panthers offense, specifically D.J. Moore, broke down Baltimore and marched to victory. The heralded ‘number one defense’ was pulverized and couldn’t create sacks or turnovers.

The next week, at home, Baltimore took a giant loss to the Steelers. For the third-straight week, the team lost, generated next to zero pressure and without a takeaway. As a result, fans confidence in the franchise has hit an all-time low: 8%.

Now, the team has become the epicenter of rumors. Many wonder if Joe Flacco will continue to start or if the reigns will be handed over to Lamar Jackson? Could John Harbaugh, Marty Mornhinweg or Don Martindale be fired? All three? Steve Bisciotti can’t be happy with how the team is performing and maybe it’s time he begins intervening.