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Cyrus Jones named AFC special teams player of the week

Punt return on investment

Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens are no stranger to great special teams play, and it looks like coordinator Jerry Rosburg will add another pelt to his wall thanks to a big time performance from one of his guys in Week 12:

Jones’ return touchdown is really what seemed to break the game open for Baltimore, who up to that point had been treading water against one of the worst teams the league has to offer. The big play from Jones and another touchdown on defense were big time factors in rookie Lamar Jackson picking up his second straight win, as defense and special teams usually need to show up to support a younger quarterback.

It’s also a personal victory for Jones, who after being picked in the second round by New England was widely considered to be a bust. His high level of play as a defensive back at Alabama had not quite translated early on, but it was thought that his return ability could be his one saving grace.

Unfortunately for the Patriots, shaky ball security and questionable decision making ultimately cost him his job and his spot on the team. Thankfully for the Gilman high school product, his hometown squad came calling, and now he’s making good on their investment by picking up this award.

Kick and punt returner have largely been transient positions for the Ravens since Jacoby Jones left town. Here’s hoping this is the beginning of stability with Cyrus Jones.