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Watch Lamar Jackson’s appearance on “You ball, you get the call”

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Many Ravens fans remember 2018 draft night very fondly, as their presumptive quarterback of the future was chose with the 32nd pick. That would be Lamar Jackson, who after being chosen by Baltimore had a memorable conversation on the stage with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders.

After starting his first game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday (and the ensuing victory), Jackson again had a chat with Sanders - this time on his show You ball, you get the call.

The interview, though brief, gives a little bit more insight into what was a pretty crazy week for the young signal caller. On Thursday, he was in the hospital for a stomach issue and three days later he was scampering all over the field on the way to his first win as an NFL starter.

Some highlights include him recapping all that occurred in the lead up to the game, as well as a nonchalant video bomb by what we know was a pretty fired up John Harbaugh:

Both of the above videos pretty well sum up what was a very enjoyable win following some equally frustrating losses. Jackson seems ready for the stage, Harbaugh is enjoying himself for the first time since October and Baltimore is back into the wild card picture for the moment.

With a tough slate of matchups still on the docket, we’ll see how things ultimately shake out from a win-loss perspective in a few weeks. For now though, let’s just sit back and enjoy one of the more fun moments of the season so far, courtesy of this big time win.