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Ravens vs. Bengals inactives list: QB Joe Flacco officially ruled out

Will it be Lamar’s time to shine?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Only minutes ago, the Ravens submit their inactives list for the world to see. After speculation all week, the verdict is finally in: Joe Flacco is ruled out.

Ravens inactives:

  • QB Joe Flacco
  • WR Jordan Lasley
  • C Hronis Grasu
  • OT James Hurst
  • TE Maxx Williams
  • DT Zach Sieler

While Baltimore is missing a couple big-name players on their roster, the Bengals matched with a loss or two of their own. Among the list includes the greatest threat of them all: A.J. Green.

Bengals inactives:

  • WR A.J. Green
  • CB K. Russell
  • LB P. Brown
  • LB N. Vigil
  • OT C. Ogbuehi
  • WR J. Malone
  • DT A. Washington

Now, the Ravens are capable of focusing a bit more on the Joe Mixon rushing attack, rather than double-covering Green all afternoon and praying he doesn’t score anyways. On offense, the Bengals linebacker unit looks a bit shallow and capable of exploiting. Hopefully, Lamar Jackson can utilize this with the pair of rookie tight ends, Mark Andrews and Hayden Hurst.