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Ravens vs. Bengals: Open Thread

Lamar Jackson’s first NFL start!

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official. With Joe Flacco officially placed as inactive for the upcoming game, it is full-steam ahead on the Lamar Jackson hype train! After a bye week and some regrouping, the Ravens hope to turn things around from their three-game losing streak. Unfortunately, they must do this without their starting quarterback, Joe Flacco.

With Flacco officially ruled out due to a right hip injury, many speculate rookie Lamar Jackson as the starter against the Cincinnati Bengals.

This will be Jackson’s first NFL start. Fans are excited as ticket prices boosted 64% as news broke of Lamar’s first possible start in the NFL. While Ravens fans love and appreciate Flacco for bringing home a Lombardi trophy, fans are also excited to see what the future holds with the Heisman Trophy winning rookie out of Louisville.

This game will also not be featuring WR A.J. Green, a known enemy of the franchise. This could open up possibilities for the Ravens to get back on track defensively, due to no longer focusing on the top-tier talent of Green and keeping a better eye on Joe Mixon and the run game.

Either way, this will be an exciting contest for both teams as they get a glimpse of the future at quarterback for their franchise or their opponent.

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Go Ravens!