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Ravens vs. Panthers: Open thread

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens

A big-time matchup between two heavyweight contenders today as the Ravens head to Charlotte, North Carolina, to face the Panthers. Both herald a 4-3 record and need a win to keep pace with their respective division leaders.

Both teams come into this game with solid offensive production and a defense capable of disruption and game-altering plays. This is expected to be a close matchup but both the Panthers and Ravens can run away with a game quick if they take hold of the momentum and never let go.

This is an interesting game for Baltimore. Can they rebound after a tough loss to another contender? Is the defense skilled enough to handle Cam Newton and his play style only a week after defending Drew Brees?

Meanwhile, the Panthers’ defense is struggling against the pass and the Ravens excel in this area. Both Michael Crabtree and John Brown will be key components to putting points on the board. Also, Willie Snead IV may want to get going against his former NFC South rival.

For either team, winning today pushes them to the top of the division while losing knocks them down to .500. We’ll see who comes out on top, soon enough.

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