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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is continuing to grow within the offense

The rookie quarterback is still trying to find his way in his “slash” role

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have attempted to use rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson on the field in a few different ways this regular season. Jackson’s development as a passer is important for the future of Baltimore’s offense, as Joe Flacco is currently in his 11th season.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has been adamant that the team has worked to aid Jackson in multiple ways after practice.

“Very good, and [I have] great trust in all of our players,” Mornhinweg said about Jackson. “Man, is he working hard. Hard work. James [Urban, quarterbacks coach] and he – and I think I mentioned this last week – and ‘RG’ [Robert Griffin III] go down there after practice for, man alive, 20, 30 minutes in most cases, and work the quarterback part of it. And then on the edges, he’ll help us win some games here doing some other things for the ball club.”

So far, Jackson has had 20 rushes this season for 103 yards and a touchdown, while going 2-for-6 on passes for 29 yards. He has also had a target as a receiver.

Jackson has been getting opportunities on the field with Flacco. In weeks past, much has been made of Flacco’s statuesque nature while split out at wide receiver. Though initially dismissed as much ado about nothing, it could give Baltimore some options to open up the offense a bit more.

“Joe is the quarterback of this football team, I don’t like taking him off the field,” explained Mornhinweg. “Now, there may come a time, and there are some other benefits that I won’t get into of keeping him on the field and all those things. But yes, there is an endless amount of possibilities that you can do with two quarterbacks on the field, so that’s where we’re at, and we’ll try to take advantage of that.”

If Jackson does continue to develop as a passer, the Ravens may give him more opportunities to throw. This includes potentially throwing a pass to Flacco or possibly having Jackson throw the ball on a jet sweep or reverse. The coaching staff is determined to put Jackson in position to make plays for the offense.