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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Ravens top 10 contention falters after loss to the Saints

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NFL: New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens vs. Saints exhibition was a heavyweight bout. Both are top-tier structured teams with both offensive and defensive firepower. It was a grand contest which nearly went to overtime. Unfortunately, Justin Tucker missed his first extra point since high school and Baltimore lost. Apparently, the Washington Post thinks this is enough to boot Baltimore from the Top 10.

11. Baltimore Ravens (4-3) | Last Week’s Rank: 9 WaPo

Kicker Justin Tucker’s first career missed extra point kept the Ravens from tying the Saints late in regulation Sunday. There was no guarantee that the Ravens would have gone on to win the game. But it still was a stunning way to lose, given Tucker’s reliability.

The Ravens lose a matchup against Drew Brees and they drop two spots. That’s fine by me. What isn’t fine, is the Pittsburgh Steelers above them, still. The Ravens went to Heinz Field and walloped their rival. How are they still better than them.

6. Baltimore Ravens | Last Week: 6 (SB Nation)

There’s no change at the top of this week’s power rankings after the top five teams all won on Sunday and the Ravens (No. 6) came close in a loss to the Saints (No. 4).

Oh hey, some obvious understanding. Shout-out to SB Nation, no big deal.

7. Baltimore Ravens | Last Week: 6 (USAToday)

Props to Justin Tucker for falling on his sword after first career PAT misfire. Also, replay shows wind totally blew that kick off target.

I’m fine with the squad dropping a spot for losing a close matchup because that isn’t the reason they dropped. They dropped because the Vikings jumped up into the Top 6 after winning their third-straight game and looking solid.

8. Baltimore Ravens (4-3) | Previous rank: No. 7 (NFL)

Of all the endings Sunday, the one no one could have foreseen was the Ravens losing because Justin Tucker’s extra-point try sailed wide right. You would have had far superior odds guessing you wouldn’t see Ray Liotta in one of those Chantix commercials. You’d have had a better chance convincing a German that Dirk Nowitzki isn’t the best basketball player of all time than correctly predicting Tucker would miss that kick. You’d have been better off prophesying that Ben Roethlisberger won’t put on a walking boot at some point this season. (On second thought ...) Small move down for the Ravens, who played mostly well against one of the better teams in the league.

Ravens drop a single notch and the Panthers jumped up two after a coming back from a 17-0 deficit against the Philadelphia Eagles. This is yet another heavyweight matchup the Ravens face this weekend.

7. Baltimore Ravens (4-3) | Week 7 ranking: 5 (ESPN)

Need more from: RB Alex Collins. The Ravens rank 31st in the league in yards per rush (3.4) this season, and Collins, their starting running back, hasn’t been much better, averaging just 3.6 yards per rush. Collins also has lost two fumbles, tied with David Johnson for the most by any running back this year. -- Larson

I completely agree here. The Ravens are producing terrible running results. This is the only thing holding them back from becoming a true contender, in my mind. They have the defense and the passing offense for a championship, but they can’t produce consistent ground-game results to keep the oppositions defense gassed.