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Confidence in the Ravens hits all-time low after losing to the Browns

A loss to a poor divisional rival leaves Ravens fans displeased in the outlook of their team

Entering Week 1, Ravens fans were confident with their team. In fact, they were surveyed and produced a 94% confidence rating. They also believed they were going to beat the Bills by 11. Fans were wrong, as the Ravens won by 44 points.

The first big drop occurred after the Bengals beat the Ravens on Thursday night football. The confidence dropped twenty points, from 94-74%. Apparently, Ravens fans didn’t get the memo that Baltimore almost always loses at Paul Brown stadium.

A week later, the confidence sky-rocketed back up the poll after Baltimore on the Denver Broncos at M&T Bank stadium. A second-straight victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers surged the fans to a 100% confidence. Unfortunately, this did not last long.

The Ravens put up a lackluster effort against the Cleveland Browns. The offense was lethargic and couldn’t finish drives. There were drops, untimely penalties, bad blocking and two turnovers. It showed the Ravens just weren’t as perfect as they’ve looked in their big wins.

This shattered the fanbases’ confidence by 58%.

Hopefully, this spikes back to an 80+% rating if the Ravens win against the Tennessee Titans this week.