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What does Steve Bisciotti have in store for the State of the Ravens press conference?

Baltimore Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti Press Conference Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Friday, February 2, Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti will address the media for the yearly “State of the Ravens” press conference.

This comes much later than usual, considering the Ravens last game was on December 31, since they failed to make the playoffs. Fans began to speculate that there wouldn’t even be a “State of the Ravens” this year, a tradition for several years in Baltimore now.

Last year, Bisciotti was quoted as saying, “the pitchforks are out,” after missing the playoffs for the second-year in a row. Now, it has been three years in a row, yet, head coach John Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg remain in their positions, and if not for deciding to retire, Dean Pees would as well.

This year, Bisciotti will hold the press conference alone. Usually, Harbaugh, general manager Ozzie Newsome, and president Dick Cass are in attendance as well. What will Bisciotti have in mind to calm the frantic nerves of Ravens’ fans growing ever so impatient? I have a few ideas.

First and foremost, he will explain why he yet again chose consistency at the coaching position, instead of trying something new. Secondly, he will address the drop in attendance at Ravens’ games, and what could be done to fix the problem. I assume he will ask reporters beforehand not to ask about the National Anthem kneeling, as it is a very controversial topic, and no answer will satisfy everyone, but instead most likely cause more backlash.

Bisciotti will most likely give his input on where he believes the team must improve the most, and how they may go about doing that. I believe he will answer questions surrounding quarterback Joe Flacco, and finding his heir soon.

He will probably asks fans to trust him, and to have faith in this team for one more year. I’m sure injuries will be cited as a main reason for missing the playoffs yet again, but I believe that Bisciotti will make it clear to fans that this is Harbaugh’s last chance. He has to tell fans what they want to hear right now. It is imperative to win back those who have either jumped ship, or are on the fence, after three years of mediocrity.

I’m sure he will describe the process they went through in searching for a new defensive coordinator, who the possible outside candidates were, as well as what made them decide to ultimately promote Don Martindale from within.

Fans want nothing more than honesty from the coaching staff and Bisciotti right now, even if that honesty is brutal. I trust Bisciotti to speak his mind, and to regain the confidence of some fans by doing so.