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While wings are delicious, you cannot forget the crab dip as a top Super Bowl food

New England Patriots Vs. Miami Dolphins At SunLife Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Pizza, wings, nachos and beer are all essentials to any Super Bowl party. They’re traditional and delicious. But most Super Bowl parties are missing a vital party delicacy: Crab dip.

Crab dip is spectacular. You have some tasty crackers and scoop out a nice, hearty bit of dip and you’re absolutely set. It’s easy to make, delicious and filled with tasty ingredients and never have I once been to a party in which the crab dip wasn’t completely cleaned out before halftime.

While wings and the nachos get cold and dry, the crab dip shall always reign supreme. It’s fluffy, tasty and never can there be enough. In fact, more often than not you’re running out of crackers before the dip; I’ve even witnessed wings dipped into the crab dip after the crackers and chips have all been consumed.

Do yourself a favor America, make some crab dip for your Super Bowl party.