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Eric Weddle, “We’re all coming back. We got momentum.”

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

After the Pro Bowl weekend wrapped up with a 24-23 victory for the AFC, Baltimore Ravens safety Eric Weddle was interviewed by’s Garrett Downing. They covered the entire Pro Bowl weekend, from events to the game itself, and Weddle wrapped up the interview with confident statements regarding himself and Terrell Suggs, saying, “We’re all coming back. We got momentum. We played well last year, as individuals, but didn’t get it done as a team, so we gotta play even better than we did last season, to get to our goals, get our goals accomplished, and get back to winning a lot of games.”

While Ravens fans weren’t worried of Weddle’s retirement, they were nervous Terrell Suggs may consider hanging up the cleats. He hasn’t made mention of retirement, but until they vocalize to the world of their decisions, fans always worry for the loss.

With Weddle’s statement, this already feels like the start of a new season. He’s ready and confident on beginning a new chapter, and we’re all excited to see what’s in store for the new season!