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Terrell Suggs, Eric Weddle and C.J. Mosley discuss their Pro Bowl victory

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Pro Bowl concluded Sunday, with the AFC emerging victorious over the NFC, 24-23. Three Ravens players were apart of the AFC team, and Garrett Downing of caught up with them after the game to get their reactions.

Downing asked Terrell Suggs after the game what his biggest takeaway from an entire week in Orlando was.

“It’s a celebration ... of the season you had.” Suggs said. “It’s an honor ... to be elected to the Pro Bowl. You get to bring your family down here and have fun, and play among the best in the world.”

When asked what he planned to do with the extra $30,000 he earned from winning the game, Suggs said he would put it in the bank for his kids’ tuition.

When Downing met with C.J. Mosley, he noted how it seemed like his team was fired up on the sideline towards the end. Mosley responded by saying, “When a game’s close, and a lot of money’s on the line ... competition gets more and more intense.”

When asked what his favorite part of being there was, Mosley said, “Just seeing all the old familiar faces and meeting new guys.” He added having his family out and spending time with them as well. Mosley ended the interview by saying he would auction off his shoes worn at the Pro Bowl and to be on the lookout for that.

Downing found Eric Weddle in the locker room afterwards for a quick interview.

“At the end of the game, it’s full speed.” Weddle said. “The intensity goes up to see who wins ... it’s a big difference in the winning and losing share,” He added, referring to the extra money awarded to the winning team. “Now you can close the book on the season and prepare for next season.” “The Pro Bowl is very special ... as the older you get, you cherish these moments to give back to the young guys and create relationships that’ll last a lifetime ... Now you can officially close the door and now start working and preparing towards next season and then trying to make it your best season yet.”

Downing asked Weddle what it was like to share the experience with Terrell Suggs, who is going into his 16th season. “Sizz is a special person, special teammate, and special friend ... I cherish every minute I get to share with him on the field and off,” Weddle said. “To see him out here with the young pups and still playing at a high level, he’s an inspiration and we all look up to him.”

Players like Weddle and Suggs seem to enjoy these types of events the most, never knowing when it could be their last, while Mosley should be on his way to several more Pro Bowl appearances. It’s always nice to see Ravens players rewarded for their hard work and accomplishments throughout the season.