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Ian Rapoport believes Ravens are on the verge of making the playoffs

SiriusXM at Super Bowl 50 Radio Row - Day 2 Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM’s Ryan Mink had the chance to interview Ian Rapoport of NFL Network and, Thursday, at the Senior Bowl practice in Mobile, Alabama.

The two spoke of the importance of keeping systems in tact with the promotion of linebackers coach Don Martindale, and retaining now Assistant Head Coach Greg Roman.

To close the interview, Mink asked Rapoport what he felt the Ravens need to do to get back to the level where they are among the AFC’s top teams.

“I think they’re close,” Rapoport said. “Having the defense play like this, you’re in every game. You run the ball like this, again, you’re in every game,” he added.

He went to say “It’s really just a couple more plays,” as well as “getting Flacco to just get over the hump just a little bit,” and “Just getting some of those playmakers.”

Rapoport ended by saying the Ravens “really should’ve been in the playoffs,” “I don’t think they’re far away at all,” he said. “Maybe it’s as simple as getting a couple more wide receivers,” or “Flacco makes a play or two more a game,” he added.

Regarding the difference between playoff and non playoff teams, Rapoport said “it’s a very small, fine line, and I think they’re right there.”