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Will the Ravens hold their end of season press conference this year?

Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Under team owner Steve Bisciotti, the Baltimore Ravens have hosted an end of season press conference annually. ‘The State of the Ravens’ has given the fanbase a rare and appreciated chance to hear directly from the top decision makers of the franchise. Traditionally, Ravens brass has provided an analysis of the previous season along with a rough outline of their expectations for the coming offseason.

As the month of January moves on, it is becoming more likely that Ravens leadership will not address the media this year. The press conference is usually held in early January after seasons where the team missed the playoffs. Recent end of season pressers have occurred on January 10, 2017, January 7, 2016 and January 8, 2014.

Reports indicate the men at the top of the Ravens organizational chart met in Florida last week to devise their offseason plan. It would make sense that they needed some extra time to process the 2017 season because it ended in such shocking defeat. However, no announcement regarding the press conference has been made since, and the time consuming draft evaluation process is ramping up with the Senior Bowl this week.

It is possible Ravens brass have decided against making themselves available this year. If true, that would be a highly questionable choice. A concerning lack of attendance at pivotal home games and growing apathy among the fanbase suggests the franchise needs to reenergize their fans this offseason more than ever before.

Are they scared to face the music after preaching continuity while missing the playoffs for three straight seasons? Has Steve Bisciotti himself grown apathetic towards the team? Worse yet, have the Ravens began to apply their historical ‘us against the world’ mentality to their own fanbase?

If they do eventually make themselves available to the media, they could easily give their loyal customers reason to be excited about the future of the team. A simple statement that the Ravens are laser focused on winning the Super Bowl, not merely competing for the playoffs, would be meaningful to those who believe the team has become comfortable with mediocrity. An admission that they have made mistakes with their personnel decisions and salary cap management, instead of blaming the team’s struggles on inevitable injuries and adversity, would be a sign that they are still accountable to their fans. Better still, a firm commitment that the front office will do whatever is necessary to add foundational offensive playmakers, not that they just hope to find stopgaps, would result in significant optimism.

Despite some mundane football for most of the previous five seasons, the Ravens still have a deep connection with many in their fanbase. However, the connection is becoming tenuous for many other formerly devoted customers. The ‘State of the Ravens’ press conference is the perfect avenue to strengthen their bond with their waning supporters. Hopefully the Ravens will make the right decision.


How would you feel if the Ravens skip their season ending press conference this year?

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    Skip it. They don't owe their fans anything.
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    Indifferent. They say the same stuff every year.
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    Cowards! I’m finished with this team.
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