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Former Ravens RB Justin Forsett debuting ‘ShowerPill’ on Shark Tank

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Justin Forsett, the former Baltimore Ravens RB, is still making moves after his play on the gridiron. This Sunday, Justin will be pitching his ShowerPill product to Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran as he joins the television show, ‘Shark Tank’.

What is ShowerPill?

“It all started when three college football teammates back at Cal-Berkeley found themselves sweating…like a million times a day. With a hectic class schedule staggered between multiple workouts and practices, this trio was in the thick of a very stinky situation. Our teammates were dealing with the same problem. Truth was that showering every time we broke a sweat just wasn’t a realistic option. But neither was being the funky guy in statistics class. And then we realized the problem went beyond B.O. Our boys were getting sidelined with sweat-related infections. The health implications were real.”

So the product is a body wipe, which cleans the athlete or individual after a workout. According to their site, ‘Proven to kill 99.9 percent of germs’.

Justin Forsett and ShowerPill have even helped other communities, by using ShowerPill. They brought 20,000 body wipes to the victims of Hurrican Maria in Puerto Rico, communities without access to clean bathing water. It’s a safe substitute, when a shower isn’t accessible.