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Baltimore Ravens roster decisions 2018: Offensive skill positions

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Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens missed the postseason, and fingers from the fans have been pointed at nearly all positions on who is to blame. Now, fans find themselves clamoring over who they should keep or cut. Below, you’ll find the Ravens offensive players listed. I won’t go through all 59 contracts, as I’m not caring about the fourth-string tackle and their contract nearly as much as a first- or second-string player.

Note: This only includes players under contract for 2018. The omissions are due to not being under contract for the 2018-2019 season.


Joe Flacco — A starter in this league. He won the Ravens multiple football games last year. It’s clear, now, the back injury was a serious problem. His first eight weeks were a struggle, but during the back-half of the season, he was the reason the Ravens still had a chance to make the playoffs. Keep


Alex Collins — He’s in contract purgatory, so I’m writing about him. Right now, Collins is an Exclusive-rights free agent. The Ravens have his rights, and they’ll certainly offer him a deal. It isn’t easy to notch 973 yards and six touchdowns in 15 games. His explosiveness, combined with vision and stature, created multiple big-time runs the Ravens so desperately needed. The offense was successful through Collins this season, and he is penciled in as RB1 in my book. Keep

Javorius Allen — The Ravens change-of-pace back, who complimented Collins well. With some tenacity and power in his game, he’s been versatile enough to find a role here in Baltimore. Also, cutting Buck only saves 700k, which isn’t going to be the difference maker between signing a free agent, or re-signing a current Raven to a long-term deal. Keep

Danny Woodhead — Great chemistry with Flacco, but he wasn’t healthy. He’s also not getting younger. His contract was structured for a one-year, $3.25 million deal. It should be used as such, leaving Baltimore with only $1.5 million in dead cap. The Ravens should also cut him sooner, rather than later. On March 18, Woodhead receives $1 million guaranteed salary. Cut

Wide Receiver

Jeremy Maclin — He didn’t produce. In fact, he produced even less than his final season with the Kansas City Chiefs. It wasn’t Alex Smith regressing Maclin’s skill, it’s Maclin losing a step. Save the $5 million dollars, and spend it elsewhere. Cut

Chris Moore — He was once a possible roster cut, even I had him as a loss in the Ravens final 53 man roster back in August/September, but now he’s become a much more capable receiver. I believe he’s a great #3 receiver, which feels like his ceiling, but he’s also an incredible special teams ace. He’s a valuabe Raven. Keep

Breshad Perriman — I don’t know what to do here, anymore. His size/speed/strength combination is special, but darn it, he hasn’t put it together. Mainly due to injury, as he’s suffered so many. If cut, the Ravens save $1.62 million. I don’t know if I can go through another training camp of watching him fly down the field, only to never demonstrate the skill on the gridiron. Then again, what other receivers are on the team? Training Camp

Tim White — An injured hand kept him out of the Ravens final 53-man roster, but he’ll be back, and no doubt, adding to the roster as both a receiving threat and return man. Keep

Tight End

Maxx Williams — The second-round draft pick has not played up to his draft status thus far. Hopefully, as we all chant, this year will be his breakout. It isn’t cost effective to cut Maxx, either, as it saves just under $1 million.

Nick Boyle — I’m hanging onto the big tight end. He’s valuable in the run game, and is utilized well in play-action. He’s also good for about four hurdles a season. Keep

Darren Waller — Keep the man through training camp. He’s a skilled player, and if he can stay away from another suspension, he’ll be a good player both on offense, and special teams. Keep

Players not mentioned due to contracts being up:

Ryan Mallett
Terrance West
Mike Wallace
Michael Campanaro
Quincy Adeboyejo