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Thursday Night Football: Openthread

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper -USA TODAY Sports

I’m not starting another introductory statement for the billionth time, demonstrating excitement for us all to celebrate. Football is being played tonight. Go Chiefs. Go Pats. Go football. I’m not excited until Charm City is playing.

Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots

Gametime: 8:30 PM ET


Who do you root for?

Both New England and Kansas City are playoff spot holding AFC teams. The problem though, the AFC East doesn’t know how to produce a single winning team besides the Pats. Meanwhile, the AFC West fields the entire division as possible post-season football playing squads.

So, do you root for the Chiefs, in hopes that they and enough teams beat the Patriots into a wildcard race? Or, do you accept the Patriots cupcake division and postseason walk, and cheer for the Patriots and hope for an easier playoff picture down the road?