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Koji Uehara leaves for Cubs road trip in a Ravens jersey

The Chicago Cubs pitcher showed his former home some love

Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Chicago Cubs reliever Koji Uehara wore a Baltimore Ravens jersey while leaving for his team’s road trip. The rest of his teammates were pictured wearing various football jerseys. Most interestingly, Uehara wore a Joe Flacco jersey.

The Cubs tweeted a picture of Uehara wearing the Flacco jersey with the caption “#ELITE”.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Uehara is a Ravens fan. The 42-year old pitcher started his Major League career with the Baltimore Orioles, after playing in the NPB in Japan for 10 seasons. He played two and a half seasons in Baltimore before being traded to the Texas Rangers for first baseman Chris Davis and pitcher Tommy Hunter.

When Uehara was traded from Baltimore, he cried. He would then state:

"There are two contradicting feelings. Part of me says that a contending team wants me, and that’s gratifying. At the same time, Baltimore — I’ve been there for two years. It’s really sad.”

Now as a member of the Cubs, Uehara has shown his loyalty to Baltimore in the form of support for the Ravens.