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John Harbaugh, “It’s one loss, it doesn’t matter what the score ends up being”

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

While every Ravens fan is currently sharpening their pitchforks from the blowout, John Harbaugh responded to the media in the postgame presser.

He’s right. This doesn’t make the record anything else, but 2-1. It sure feels 2-10, but it’s only a single loss. Rather than bury themselves in frustration though, this team will need to focus, and quickly.

A week from today, the Ravens return home to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. A game which will likely decide the Ravens season, though it’s early. If Baltimore can get back on track with a win over their AFC North foe, they climb to 3-1, with a victory over every AFC North opponent.