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Ravens vs. Jaguars: 1 Winner, 45 Losers

NFL: International Series-Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I would have much rather stayed in bed, than watched this game. It looked like 45 players on the team would have agreed.

Alex Collins — The only spark I saw on the offense. The practice squad to promoted tailback fought tooth & nail to gain yards for the Ravens.


As I always say, every player has a bad game. From Brady, Marino, Montana, Rice and every other great in the Hall of Fame, they have bad games. This is to only comment about their performance, and should be understood as such.

Literally Every Raven.

They took tours around London. They were out checking out cars and hanging out and touring to garner a fanbase. Then, on game day, I witnessed a 44-7 blowout. The Jaguars absolutely moped the floor with the Baltimore Ravens, without restraint. They faked a punt, up 37-0, and the Ravens deserved it. This is what happens when you believe you can walk through a team in the NFL.