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A Ravens defensive player winning MVP? DeMarcus Ware believes it’s going to happen

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The MVP award. The greatest regular season award that a player can earn. While every player in the league has a chance, the disadvantages of playing defense immediately place you behind the pack.

While most have already roped in a quarterback as their MVP, future Hall of Fame linebacker DeMarcus Ware believes the Baltimore Ravens have an early 2017 MVP candidate on their roster: Terrell Suggs.

In the past two weeks, nobody has produced like Sizzle on defense. Against the Cleveland Browns, Suggs produced a strip-sack and a few pressures, en route to a victory.

The opening week, Terrell Suggs swatted two passes at the line, both of which were intercepted. He also sacked Andy Dalton twice, one of which was a strip-sack in the redzone, which the Ravens recovered.

The infamous Baltimore Raven linebacker is currently deserving of being an MVP candidate. His play directly caused the victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. His game against the Browns directly influenced the outcome, which was another win. Against Blake Bortles and the Jaguars tomorrow, expect him to have another high-caliber attack.

Bringing everybody back to reality though, the NFL MVP award is near-impossible for defensive players to win. The last winner, as posted in the tweet above, was 1986, Lawrence Taylor.

The closest chance since then, J.J. Watt in 2014. The man had 59 tackles, produced 20.5 sacks, intercepted a pass for an 80-yard touchdown, forced four fumbles, recovered five, scored a recovered fumble over 50 yards, racked in a safety, and scored three touchdowns as a tight end. Even that wasn’t enough for the voters.

The likelihood of Hacksaw Smithers winning MVP is, as mentioned, near-impossible. Hearing his name mentioned alone, though, means a great deal.