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Behind Enemy Lines: Five questions with Big Cat Country

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Day, Managing Editor of Big Cat Country, gave me his thoughts on Bortles, Fournette and the upcoming Week 3 contest in London!

1. What Blake Bortles do you expect in Week 3? He's up, he's down, what do you make of him?

He's not a franchise quarterback. It's that simple. He's inconsistent and his good games are few and far between. This offense needs a steady hand that will consistently complete the ball underneath and doesn't turn the ball over. Bortles is neither of those and I don't see his NFL career lasting much longer.

2. With Allen Robinson out, who will the Jaguars turn to in the receiving game?

Marqise Lee. He got the lion's share of targets against the Tennessee Titans last week and he'll continue to be targeted. Allen Hurns is a good red zone target, but Lee is definitely the guy in the middle of the field.

3. The rookie, Leonard Fournette, has produced 140 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. How has he looked?

He's looked very, very good. If he had a quarterback worth a damn and a better offensive line he'd be unstoppable. As it is, he's underperforming because the offensive coordinator is trying to split carries between he and backup Chris Ivory. But if Bortles can play even mediocre football, he's a stud in the run game.

4. What one Raven are you worried about on offense? Defense?

Probably Joe Flacco on offense and Terrell Suggs on defense. I won't believe in this team's ability to stop a decent quarterback until we actually do it and Suggs is going to confuse the hell out of Bortles. Unfortunately, I don't think the turnover train is stopping in London for y'all.

5. What are your expectations for Sunday?

I expect a lot of short passes by the Ravens and the game to be a one-score contest until halftime when you eventually pull away in the third and fourth quarter. I think it will look largely like what last week looked like for us, except you probably won't score as much as the Titans. I'll say Jaguars lose 23-12.