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Ravens’ Queen Elizabeth facepaint tweet has twitter laughing

Baltimore won’t win any royal fans with this tweet.

This Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. More importantly, the game will take place in London, England. Due to this, each team is jockeying to gain a fan base in the country.

As first reported by SB Nation, the Ravens tweeted out a photo of Queen Elizabeth wearing Ravens facepaint. The Ravens promptly deleted the tweet, but it isn’t too good of a PR look to say the least. Despite being a constituitional monarchy, many people in the United Kingdom still hold the Queen in high regard.

In addition, this particular photo wasn’t photoshopped. It was actually created through a filter on the team’s app. Many people on Twitter made fun of the situation:

Even in a light-hearted tweet such as this one, some will take offense to it. However, it should just go as a lesson to be bit more sensitive about the subject of your tweets. Although this is the case, it is still pretty funny to say the least.

Here I will leave a golden tweet from Bill Barnwell of ESPN, who photoshopped the picture of Queen Elizabeth that the Ravens tweeted onto the body of Ravens legend Ray Lewis:

The Squirrel Dancing Queen.